Happy Fathers Day



Happy Fathers Day


Tomorrow in the UK it is Fathers Day, a day my mother never approved of as she said it was just made up by the card companies, unlike ‘Mothering Sunday’, which she must have believed was there since the dawn of time?


Anyway, for many of us who no longer have our fathers with us, this may be a time to reflect in another direction, for me in particular, my Sifu, Ip Chun.


As you know, Sifu means ‘teacher/father’ and to me, as he is all I have left now, my thoughts go to him on such a day.


Unfortunately I live in the UK and he lives in Hong Kong

I speak English, and he does not


I have always been more than a little jealous of students being able to just chat with their Sifu at class, out socially, or to pick up the phone to discuss issues and maybe even go for a drink together just on their own.

This is something that has always been a struggle for me.


Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing missing in the relationship between myself and my teacher, in fact in some ways it has made us stronger, it is just sometimes I wish I could say to him face to face how much respect and admiration I have for him.


So do not take your teacher for granted, they are teaching you all they know, they are sharing all of their experiences with you and perhaps even teaching you how to save your life.


So in short, if you have a good teacher, do not take them for granted, show respect, and get everything you can at every opportunity you can, because they may not be around forever.


Happy Sifu Day, I MEAN, Fathers Day…


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