Gaining A Contact


Bridging the gap

(Photo by Hert Niks)


I believe there are two trains of thought, two camps if you like, and these are Forms and Chi Sau.


Forms – teach you how to gain a contact.

Chi Sau – tells you what to do with that contact.


Siu Lim Tau is the perfect tool for training your forward thinking and straight line attacks etc.


Luk Sau Sic Kuen

(Lost hand, straight fist)


Chum Kiu is great for teaching you how to move the body, ‘If in doubt, get out’.


When defending yourself it is always a good idea to share the responsibility, thinking like so:


There’s a little bit of you moving the attack out of the way

and a little bit of you moving out of the way of the attack.


If you’ve read and watched one of last weeks blogs, ‘The Importance of Flowing (Additional info)’ you will have noticed that toward the end of that video I referred to, ‘Gaining A Contact’, in this video I would like to show you an exercise which may help to give you confidence in doing so.


There are several variations to this idea but just know this, as soon as you are in range, expect an attack, if not from you, then from them, what we are trying to do here is to get you into the best position before making such a move, therefore giving you the best chance of success.


Thank you for watching.




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