Further Improvements To The Site!


Something to celebrate!


Hi Everyone,


This is just a very short blog to inform (or remind you) of exciting changes to wing chun.online


From today our livestream classes Thursday evening 7.00pm GMT will now run for a full 60 minutes instead of the previous 40 minutes, added to this, after clicking on MY ACCOUNT and then LIVESTREAM CLASSES, you will then be able to view the last class for a 48 hour period, we decided to change this from the previously announced 24 hour viewing slot, to give everyone time to digest what was being discussed.


Unfortunately these classes are only available for our SERIOUS ABOUT WING CHUN members and our VERY SERIOUS ABOUT WING CHUN members but are not available for our CURIOUS ABOUT WING CHUN memberships.


In addition to this, our VERY SERIOUS ABOUT WING CHUN members also have an extra class with our Tuesday evening livestream session, again at 7.00pm GMT and again for the full 60 minutes, BOTH of these classes will be available to these members for the FULL week until the next session replaces it.


A sample of these classes will be available on our homepage should anyone wish to see a taster of what all the fuss is about.


I look forward to seeing you all at our next class and if you do think of any questions, why not write them down and ask me live at class, I always prefer if it’s just sprung on me rather than giving me any forward preparation, besides, that’s what our forum is for!


Oh and I nearly forgot to mention, all this is at no extra cost!


Thank you for your continued support and your dedication to training,

It is amazing to see so many of you improving at such a rapid pace.


Grandmaster Ip Chun is so happy to be seeing his teachings being spread

and so many students following in his Fathers Wing Chun


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