A Follow On From Sunday’s Blog

On Sunday we had the question of wether or not you should (or even can) plan ahead the outcome of a street situation?


In short, no.


But I’d just like to add a little to that by saying that simply giving a singular problem, a singular technique as an answer would be dangerous and irresponsible, as we do not have all the information, and this site is not about giving cheap quick answers.


Before even attempting something like that you would need to know everything of that situation, details such as, where are we, what time of day is it and even what am I wearing.


To give an example of this, on a beginner course once, a guy asked me how I would defend a swinging motion of his arm?  Without a seconds thought I blurted out, “What am I wearing, and furthermore, what is my the person giving the swinging motion wearing?”

When the guy questioned my response I extended on this by explaining to him that such a swinging motion made by my best friend while we’re both in suites, could just be a congratulatory hug at my wedding.

Or if I was in pyjamas and my ‘opponent’ in a negligée then this motion may signify a loving embrace and the start of a very interesting evening, very different I grant you if she was wearing a balaclava and had a crow bar.

By the way I did not mean as well as the negligée..


The point being again that there is never the simple answer.  If you train hard and keep open minded, preparing yourself through Chi Sau, for any situation then not only should you have the edge to handle whatever comes in, but also (and more importantly) to see most dangers arising before they even reach you.


I always tell my beginners at class, I do not promote violence nor do I try to justify it, but if it comes along you must know how to handle it.


So again I say walk if you can, but if there’s someone in your house at 3.00am and they lock the door behind them, no matter how good a cup of tea you can make there is simply no talking out of this.

That is when you MUST strike first, and use every sneaky tool you have to keep you and your family safe.



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