The first step is always easy


A while back I posted a blog referring to how progress must slow down at some point by using a golf analogy.


In the early days of playing golf there may be lots to learn (so lots of enthusiasm) and the chance to make easy progress in decreasing your handicap, but the more you improve and the handicap drops the harder it seems to be to continue reducing it.  BUT KEEP GOING!


Well, yesterday I decided to start digging out a grass covered pathway for a friend, basically giving it a facelift.


At the start I was full of enthusiasm and keen to see results, but this did not last long.


I was only a few steps in when my back started aching and I looked up to see the remaining 26 stones!


At this point I remembered my own golfing blog, so I kept my head down and carried on, taking the job one step at a time (quite literally).


Half way through I didn’t look at what was left ahead of me, but instead admired what I had done so far, and by the end of the day the path was complete.  An aching back, blisters on my hands but a job well done, and something to be proud of.


So the point is, yes be enthusiastic at the start, but when the going gets tough, don’t give in, power on through, even if the job seems huge, and YOU WILL GET THERE.



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