‘Feeling’ For Energy


Siu Lim Tau


In our Monday evening WingChun.Online livestream class (6/2/23), I spent some time with a student on the first Form, in this blog I would like to expand on this a little further.


When we begin learning Wing Chun, so much of your time will be given to discovering and developing the first Form, Siu Lim Tau, meaning ‘Little Idea‘, called this because we should be thinking of only one thing, that being the building of Elbow Energy.


But what is energy?

This can be the $64,000 question


Unfortunately, although Siu Lim Tau may have been the first thing you learned, the understanding of the energy you’re meant to be building, could be the last thing you understand.


We cannot actually see energy, but we can feel its affects, just in the same way that we do not see the wind, but we can feel it on our face, and indeed observe what it affects by watching how leaves, sand, etcetera are moved along by it.


The clip you are about to watch, I have labelled as:


‘How To Feel For, Search For And Discover, Energy’


This exercise is more of a guide, a way of giving you something to try to aim for and replicate when training your first section of the first Form, because if we can not do this then we are simply running a series of moves, with ‘little idea’ (Get it?), of what we are ever trying to achieve.


In this clip I tried to have our newer members discover what the feeling of energy can be interpreted as, when playing Siu Lim Tau.


Thank you for watching and my thanks to those who assisted,
Oh and very well done to them too.  🙂 



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