Fancy A Stance Test This Week?


How about working your Yee Gee Kim Yuen Mar this week by building up to a nice 30-minute  Siu Lim Tau.

It’s important though that you begin steadily and with no thought on the time.

If everything is focussed on the elbow energy and you allow yourself to relax everywhere else, gravity will bring your stance down, and distraction from the legs (by the 100% focus on the elbow) will allow for a well trained stance.


For the more adventurous among you why not try a solid Cheun Mar (Turning stance).

Drop into a good Cheun Mar and stay there for just one minute, BUT, each day extend that time by one more minute until there’s a solid 5 minute stance.

It doesn’t have to be deep as that wouldn’t be practical anyway.

Just a slight bend held steady and constant.


Enjoy.  🙂

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