Extended Family In The U.S.A.



After a good long sleep and some kind of normality began to resume, I feel as though the jetlag may be leaving me and giving me a moment to write this blog.


This weekend I was in New York City, and very lucky to be having the greatest pleasure meeting and training with some of our Kung Fu brothers across the water (across from me anyway).


May I thank you all so much for your kindness and respect during our time together in Central Park, your questions and eagerness to learn was inspiring.


Spending just those few hours face to face with John, Quan and Carlos was wonderful, and in so many ways.


I was so proud to be able to see techniques and an understanding of Ip Chun Wing Chun with people that lived so far away, to be able to talk Wing Chun on the same wavelength with people I had never met before, and

all because of our online training program.


It is wonderful to see our family growing and growing and with such a positive, good feeling and correct attitude.


This time spent hands on, has enabled me to see where the site needs to go now, what videos I need to work on (and endorse repeat viewings of) and in what way to best encourage this development to continue to grow and give students what they need.


Your understanding of footwork was good, you have listened well to what has been given and have studied closely where needed (which is everywhere by the way) and the same for your hand techniques too, with the added benefit of teaching me where to put more details in teaching.


As these seminars become more common and numbers grow, this in turn will aid in greater improvement of the site and in turn again help SO MANY people improve their lives.


I would like you to know that our meeting will have a considerable affect on the future studies of all our members, and be a fine example of our family all growing together.


Now let’s keep forming those groups, arranging seminars and building contacts with each other so that we all get to share our experiences and find new skills.


Tomorrow I would like to write a block with this same mental flow, focusing on the ability to learn from everyone, no matter if they’re student or teacher.

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