Every Cloud


A very sad day


After 17 years with my beautiful little girl, a Norfolk terrier/Jack Russel called Biscuit, we finally had to say farewell.


She developed kidney failure which increased over time to multiple organ failure, she stopped eating and struggled with pretty much everything.


Over the last couple of weeks we’d been feeding her through a syringe and supporting her while she drank water.


As she still wagged her tail and still wanted to go outside for toilet visits we kept her safe and by our side, but yesterday seemed the right time, as over the last few days though she had declined further.


She was laid to rest, assisted by the vet and I buried her in a nice place at home.


Biscuit has been with me through so much and for so long and will never be replaced.



I have always tried to see connections between what we do in life and what we do in our Wing Chun, and the reason for writing this blog is not for sympathy but for gratitude, to say thank you to all the people who have sent such kind wishes, emails and Facebook messages, many from people I have never even chatted with before, so you see, every cloud has a silver lining.


It is a shame that it takes such sadness to then see such kindness and generosity of feelings, but even so, I thank you all.


So, let us use our Wing Chun to keep us all healthy and sane, and to look after and protect those who need it, to not causing upset but always be kind.


I thank you all and I wish you all the best of health and the greatest of love to you and yours,


Lots of love Biscuit. XXX



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