Ever Had A S**t Day?

Ever Had A S**t Day?


Today was a shit day for me.



Some days for one reason or another, can be pretty shit, and today for me, this was one of them.


I do not know why.

So what did I do about it?


I went out to get some fresh air, then drove to a card shop and bought my wife a card to say how much I loved her, for no reason what so ever.


From there I took some cash, folded it up and placed it in a handshake to a homeless person who was sitting on the floor outside a KFC.


I asked if he was ok, wish him well and hoped he keep safe and warm that night.


I am not trying to show off, in fact a million miles from such crassness.


I am also NOT just saying that there are always people worse off than you, I was just offering a random act of kindness, which in turn can make you feel good about yourself (selfish really).


Again, I am not trying to latch onto the idea that there’s always someone worse off than you (which there usually is) but just saying that doing some little good to others can remind us what it is to be human, and in return feel a warmth and well being from the joy of looking out for one and other, and isn’t that the reason for training martial arts in the first place, to be able to protect you, your family & friends, and those in a less fortunate position to yourself?

So let us try to be kind to each other instead of always trying to look for the bad in people.



You’ll be glad you did. X






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