Enjoy The Journey


Enjoy the journey’ is like saying, ‘Stay in the moment’, something I say a lot about Chi Sau.


Don’t just try to get the super fast killer technique, but instead enjoy the exchange.

That’s why it’s thought of as a game.


Like playing tennis, just because you CAN win off the serve every time, DOESN’T mean that you SHOULD.


I often like to compare Chi Sau to life, and especially the importance of staying in the moment, and as in life, this never felt truer to me than it did the other day.


The other day something occurred to me, something worrying.


We spend so much time unhappy, chasing goals, working hard, because we want nice things, a house, then a bigger house, a car, then a faster car, holidays, and so on.

And often it’s things, we just want to accumulate things, and I think the struggle to achieve this, could be what keeps us going.


My worry is, what if you get it?

What if you get there, and then you don’t like it?

And for that reason I wonder if I am scared of success?


We often say silly things like, “I’d make a great lottery winner” because I could do so much with it, help so many others, have some great times with it, I’d get the house of my dreams and so on..


Today is a miserable day weather wise, and it got me thinking, if you’re living in a horrible, miserable place (just like the weather), and then things changed for you and finally you moved, all the badness of the area was suddenly all gone, and all that weight lifted from your shoulders.


There you are, in your dream home, stepping out onto your lovely balcony, into the sunshine, overlooking the sea with a soothingly warm, soft and gentle breeze brushing over your face, outstretching your arms you lift your face toward the sun and think, ‘Yes, I made it, I finally have everything I ever wanted’.


But what do you do then?

What’s next?


So again that brings me back to the start.


Don’t get me wrong, of course it would be great to be able to just fill up the car without checking the price per liter first, or buy a bottle of champagne from a shop rather than searching the supermarket for a cheaper alternative, basically to just be able to buy what you want, when you want.

My concern is this:

If you make it, you no longer need to fight for it, and if you no longer have to fight for it, do we then give up?


Because by that mentality I feel that by winning in getting what you want, you end up giving up the fight.

So by winning, you become the loser.


So I say this, in order to keep sane in life, enjoy the journey.


Work for those things by all means, want them and achieve them BUT make sure it’s enjoyable along the way, because if in order to get those things you need to make yourself unhappy, by finally getting those things will it buy back that happiness?


Momentarily perhaps, but you would have lost all that time.


Money and things you can get back, time you cannot.


Enjoy the journey.

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