Enjoy The Journey


Enjoy The Journey


A number of years ago I was lucky enough to run in the London marathon, and although finishing was an amazing feeling, the thing that kept me going was the journey itself.

The people, the atmosphere, the changing areas, the incredible sights, all supported by the sound of supporters clapping & cheering, horns hooting and even bands playing.


This is the same of course for Wing Chun.


Now I do not mind someone’s enthusiasm for development but why rush?

The amount of people that ask me if they can acquire a teaching certificate, and how long will it take, is incredible!

Not such a bad question many of you may think, but this is before they have even had their first lesson.


Now again, I do not mind this either, but at least begin your training for yourself first, as YOU are the only one that is important.


I loved my early years of training and could not wait to get back to the school, even now, when I create a new drill, sequence or move that will assist your skill progression in some way, I am very excited, and LOVE the ability to drill it with no intention of rushing it out there.


Mainly because I do not want to share something until it is thoroughly tested and I know it works, but also because there is NO RUSH, I am enjoying myself.


We should not enter into something that can become a beautiful and huge part of our lives, with the attitude of,

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Training basics is a wonderful thing to do, so again I say do not rush it but embrace it.


It won’t be there for long so enjoy every moment.


Think of your training like trying to grow a flower.


Every day you give this little flower food, sunshine and water, every day the same thing, food, sunshine and water, BUT, in order to try to speed its growth you grab hold of it and give it a good pull.


What will this do?

Destroy the flower.


So give what is needed when it is needed and wait, and wait and wait, and what will finally blossom will be worth it.


As any parent will tell you, this is the same feeling regarding their grown up children.

How many times have we heard, “They grow up so fast these days don’t they?


So for those recently blessed with a healthy new arrival, if the baby cries, if you have sleepless nights, if you miss your social life, get over it, embrace these moments, because they will not be like that for very long.


Bon voyage!

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