Doomed From The Start

It is the easiest thing to drill a technique, focusing on every move throughout the sequence, but even with the greatest of will, have it made impractical before you even start to train it.

Imagine trying to execute a kick as your first attack, from a 50/50 stance, the weight shift alone would clearly give away your intensions before the attacking foot had even left the ground.

Maybe you are training turning punches but focusing so much on the turn, you’re telegraphing the idea way before the punch has even set off?

Or what about perhaps being in Yee Gee Kim Yuen Mar and training basic kicks, without first giving a moments attention to the ‘soon to be’ supporting foot.

Doomed From The Start

I always tell my students,

“In Wing Chun we do not get into a position to do a technique, we do the technique from the position you are in”,

Meaning it is the shape you are in BEFORE the attack that will be the deciding factor in which defense is used.

Here is a short video taken during class where I asked a couple of Instructors to spot where the mistake is between two students.

See if you can spot it before the answer is revealed.

Thank you

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