I hope this message finds you all well and managing to maintain some sanity throughout this Second lockdown?


Vaccines do seem to be making progress and to most people this does appear to be some light at the end of the tunnel, but we all know, it will still be quite some time before we return to any kind of real normality.


Over the last 30 years of teaching, I have become SO close with so many of you, and not seeing you at class is heart-breaking.

I know that this time is proving very difficult for many of you but there IS a way to get through this.




Wing Chun is so important to so many of us and although we may not actually be IN a class, classes ARE running, through Zoom.


At our livestream classes are running:

Monday’s 7 – 8.00pm GMT


Thursday’s 7 – 8.00pm GMT

With a 48 hour catchup available for our SERIOUS ABOUT members and a 7 day catchup for our VERY SERIOUS ABOUT members.


How often have we stopped something and then later said;

“Imagine what I would have been like now if I’d stayed with it?”

Don’t fall into that trap again!


I know that for some of you virtual training is not the same as classes, OF COURSE IT’S NOT, but as well as all the physical training we do in these classes, and me getting to watch your progress (and/or any crept in flaws), there is so much discussion going on throughout these classes, theory, theory that is necessary for you to fully understand if you are to make the most out of your training, therefore…



Do not let this virus take away all the progress you have made so far

and/or prevent you from getting to where you truly want to be!


So try to start (and keep) your training as a comfortable part of your life, that way it will integrate and become part of your life.


I am not suggesting that you train every hour of every day, just that you try to make it somehow sustainable, something…doable.


And if you’re thinking,

‘Perhaps it’s too late to go back?

Of course it’s not…



Take this time to better understand what you have trained so far..


Take this time to gain a far deeper understanding of your actual technique, and…


Take this time to progress through the Forms at a pace you could probably would not have achieved prior to lockdown.


This is a good chance to turn a bad situation into some positive results, therefore I look forward to seeing you all VERY soon on our Forum and especially at the live classes.


Thank you and the best of health to you all,


Sifu Ward ( xxx





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