Do Not Telegraph


Do Not Telegraph



I have often said that you should never sacrifice technique for speed and power and as always, I stand by this.


When I use this phrasing I am more focusing on the solo elements of your training, drills and forms etc., then, hopefully this will transfer into your Chi Sau, sparring and street work.


If you cannot control yourself how do you expect to control others?


Now I am NOT saying that if you have technique, you can beat speed and power, you cannot, what I am saying is that to be the best you can be, you need all three.


To do this, in training, you need to eliminate the speed and power, get the technique precise, and then reintroduce the speed and power, otherwise you are simply speeding up your mistakes, mistakes you are probably telegraphing without knowing.


You may potentially have the hardest punch in the world but if you never get to land it then what is the point?


In Pak Sau for instance we should not move the body first as this is way too slow compared to what the hands can offer.


This same mentality can be seen in Biu Mar, where we should be able to step without the need to rock the body weight forwards and backwards before moving the feet.


Here are a couple of early class clips I found, which may help to demonstrate the point.


I hope you find them helpful.


Thank you







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