Dealing With Burglars (or not)


As the cold winter draws in and the nights get much darker much sooner, I am reminded of an incident that happened a couple of years ago around this time, actually now I come to think about it it was about three weeks or so later.


Anyway, I was in bed late at night when I heard a thumping sound downstairs.

I snook down and crept into the kitchen, nothing there, but as I peeped into the sitting room that the mince pie I had been eating and the brandy I’d not quite finished, HAD GONE!


It was at this point I heard another noise, rustling.

Peeping further around the door I saw him, right there, a burglar.

He was big and fat, and dressed in red with shinny black boots and a full white beard.  He had a massive sack of stuff with him (probably from another heist next door), anyway I jumped at him and wrestled him to the ground, and within seconds I had him tied up and gagged.  I walked away, turned on the lights and turned back.

Well, was my face red?!

As red as his suite in fact.

My bad.  It turned out that he was actually just there to leave me some lovely gifts, so how nice was that?


Anyway, my point is this, I was lucky, your visitor may not be so giving and jolly, so train hard and keep safe.


Sifu Ward

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