Conservation Of…


Conservation of Water

and the

Conservation of Energy


This weekend is a bank holiday and as the holiday loomed everybody seemed to be preparing themselves for festivities and merriment, enjoying the sunshine without a care in the world.


Whereas for me, on Friday the water went off, YEAH!

Let the celebrations commence.


A water broken pump with no chance of a new one until Wednesday at the earliest meant we had a real struggle on our hands.


With three children and three adults in the house things got tough very quickly, with showers having to be taken at a neighbors house and toilet visit being at the local pub (so it wasn’t all bad) any simple ideas such as having a cup of tea, had now gone straight out of the window.


One thing is for sure, when this happens it really does make you appreciate the joy of water and the wonderful access we have to it in the western world.


And it was just this situation that got me thinking of how Master Ip Chun describes energy use in Chi Sau…


There are four main areas covered during Chi Sau development P.E.R.T.







And these are in order of importance with Technique being the least important of the four.


Technique –

This is basically anything you can see or touch (a Tan, a Pak etc.).


Reaction –

The more you train, the better you get.


Energy –

Now when it comes to Energy, it is not how MUCH you have, but how well you can use what you DO have.


Position –

This refers to body position and NOT the hands, the more you understand the moves, the closer you will get when using them (a little like the training differences between Chun Kiu and the Wooden Dummy).


Going back to Energy for a moment, if you DO have lots of energy but do not use it wisely, then there will come a time when it runs out, like a wealthy man throwing cash at everything he sees.


So it pays to be frugal, have energy/money yes, but spend it wisely and it will stay with you for the long term.


Just as I am doing now with my water

and will remain mindful of when it is back to full capacity.




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