Is Conditioning Needed In Wing Chun?

Don’t be too concerned with physical conditioning, of course purely through practicing your Wing Chun there will be some muscle development, and some suppleness is also to be inevitable.

You may even wish to look at toughening the skin a little with wall bag training, preparing you for punch impact and even some sparring, learning to deal with a firm contact landing on you.


But constantly training with such an attitude where each day you must bare the scars of your training session from the night before is not necessary.


When I see students returning from their boxing / karate / judo / MMA and so on classes, and sayng to me that they have a cut lip, or a black eye, bruised hands or a bloody nose, I say to them. ‘You are supposed to be learning to block the attacks, not to take them!’


And if you are paying money for this, night after night, only to return home in such a state each time, isn’t this just like being mugged but in instalments?  🙂

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