Who is Colin Ward? Well I’ve never heard of him.

A Wing Chun practitioner since 1985.


A personal student and direct disciple to Grandmaster Ip Chun since 1990.


Hong Kong qualified and world representative since 1991 (Only 13 worldwide at that time).


And yet no one has heard of him?  How so?



I’ve learned so much from my Sifu, not only the techniques are and how they work, but also ways in which to pass this knowledge across, to teach, and above all what it means to be a Sifu.


One of my strongest memories of Master Ip Chun’s teaching to me was when he said,

“A true sifu should be humble and mild, and never blow his own trumpet”.


This is why, up to now, you may not have heard of me.

I have taught over 10,000 classes and had over 10,000 students, but I made a promise to Sifu Ip Chun that I would try to help him spread his Fathers Wing Chun throughout the world, and I can no longer do that from staying in the shadows.


Welcome to WingChun.Online  🙂

Sifu Colin Ward

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