This morning I was playing games with my son of just 15 months on a wooden board game, which basically was a series of six cogs, set out in a line with different coloured pegs for each of the cogs to sit in, and obviously, when all cogs were in line, turning one would turn all.


Well the Wing Chun practitioner in me only saw Chi Sau within these cogs, more the reason I was so happy to play and with such a huge grin.


My thoughts were simply this;


To be good at Chi Sau one thing must not overpower another, but instead all elements should work together, just like the cogs of a watch.


The more precise the rotation of the cogs, the more precision in the quality of the timing, just the difference between a real Rolex and a fake.


I remember the Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary ‘Pumping Iron’ where he talks of building one muscle group over another, and basically saying that should he build one area a little more, then he must build all areas a little more, because nothing should be out of proportion.


This is exactly the same in Chi Sau, do not be a ‘one trick pony’ but instead make sure that all aspects of your Chi Sau are in tune and balanced.


I often use the image of spinning plates and the skill it would take to keep your mind on all aspects at the same time, ‘Distraction would cause destruction’.


So take time to examine what you are good at, and in this way you may see what you are neglecting and subsequently, what you are not so good at.


Keep spinning those plates people.



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