So Is It Cheun Mar Or Biu Mar?


It was brought to my attention that a couple of the videos for Cheun Mar (Turning stance), seem to be showing Biu Mar (Arrow stepping)


I do see the confusion because it’s titled Cheun Mar but talks of Biu Mar.

This will be addressed, but for now it’s interesting to remember that in fact this is the same thing, in as far as..


When you turn, the hips turn from a forty-five degree angle to a forty-five degree angle, always, that’s it, never beyond, and where your attention is focused will determine which stance this is called.


If you were to face a wall and keep looking at the same spot as you turn the hips from angle to angle, this is a turning stance.

If you do the same action with the hips but turn your head to look from one side to the other, this is now arrow stepping.


The back foot needs to be turned out (to support a turning stance) but the front foot just needs to be comfortable (not straight though and definitely not beyond).


I hope this makes sense?



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