Can’t Find The Time?




As we approach the New Year, we also approach the most favourite time of the year for gym and fitness centre owners, as this is the time of New Year resolutions, and the time when fresh interest rockets.

But as often the case, after a little while interest drops and the excuses increase.


We’ve all heard them, with one of the most popular being,

“I can’t find the time.”


Mm, so you can’t find the time eh?

Let me ask you this,

“Can you find the time to get the sh*t kicked out of you?”

I’m sure your attacker will not take that information sympathetically.


The best results when it comes to training, come from those who dedicate little but often, and on a regular basis.


Do not discourage yourself by saying things like,

“If I do something I like to fully immerse myself in it”


“When I do it I want to give it 100%”

Now of course these are positive and admirable values, but they are also the easiest of excuses too.


Throughout my 30 years in Wing Chun I have always seen the same thing, ALWAYS, whenever a student says to me,

‘This is the best thing ever!’

‘I’m going to be your best student!’


‘I’ll train EVERY day!’

My heart sinks a little, because they are always gone within the next six months, just like the saying,


‘The candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long’



Who these days can give 100% anyway?


We still have to find time for family, friends, relationships, and of course, work (or how will you pay for the training in the first place?)


When we see former presidents of the USA finding time to workout, I’m sure most of the rest of the population can too, and again, I am not talking about going to expensive gyms but instead doing what you can wherever you are, at home, at work or even when travelling.


So by all means DO begin your training again, but take it one step at a time, small bite sized pieces, and before you know it you will have racked up six months of training with quite competent results.


Continuing with this mind-set will allow your training to become part of your life, even if only a small part.


Or a small part for now at least



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