Can You Pak A Planet?


Last night I had a wonderful class and thoroughly enjoyed teaching everyone, spending some constructive time on the Pak Sau’s from Siu Lim Tau and really getting some positive results back.


After class I headed North to stay at a friends house arriving quite late in a tiny village location.


When I arrived at the house all were asleep, it was -3 outside and a beautifully clear sky, so I decided to step outside and stargaze for a while.


After ten minutes or so I saw a huge cloud in the distance and watched it move toward me covering the sky (and stars) like a blanket as it did so.


Watching this I could not help but think Wing Chun and in particular the inside Pak we had just been drilling earlier.  I say this because when we use the inside Pak all we need to do is to move our lead hand across, from centre to shoulder, it is the forward driving momentum of the strike that will see the Pak’s final position being drawn close to our body.


This was just how it looked to me when watching this cloud (the Pak Sau), because all the cloud did was lift, it was the rotation of the planet (the strike) that saw the cloud being drawn to me.


In fact, the cloud only ‘looked’ like it was coming to me, when actually it was me going to the cloud.


The cloud didn’t ‘want’ to come that close, the rotation of the planet drew it in.

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