How can I learn chi sau without talking?


Back in 1991 I remember turing up at Sifu Ip Chun’s house in Hong Kong for training and realised very quickly that it was just him and me.

No translator.


Considering at the time the I didn’t speak Chinese and he didn’t speak English.  AT ALL.

So how could I learn Chi Sau without talking?


That was until we started to train.

You see the great thing about wing chun is that it is all through the arms.

We would roll in Chi Sau and if Sifu was hitting me with a particular strike, from a particular shape, he would do this several times before he changed the shape in my favour.  It was then up to me to try the same move on him and pick up on the defence used by the Master before the shape were once again reversed and the attack returned to me.

If I got it, good for me, and if I didn’t, OUCH!

He would let me know.


Luckily for me I paid attention, and oddly enough in those early years, the more we focussed on training the less we needed to chat anyway.

There was always plenty of time to chat later, safely, over tea.  🙂

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