Be Good, Be Honest, Be True


Be Good, Be Honest, Be True


We need to realize that if we are not good, honest or true, at some point people are going to find out.


If a teacher is not letting their students train anywhere else or see what is out there, such as WingChun.Online, question why that is, is it because they’ll find out you’re a fraud?

If so, at some point that will happen, they will find out, so be honest, now.


And if you’ve not been in the past, then start clearing things up today, and change your ways, you’ll have a better quality of life and be glad you did.


It’s shocking to know that this occurs through things like translations at seminars for instance, especially when you know this thing is being videoed, because again, at some point, you will be found out.

Luckily these days, with the Internet people like to check out who’s saying what, but just be good, be honest, be true, as a student and as a teacher.


People say,

 ‘You should always be nice to people on the way up because you might meet them again on the way back down again’.

Or as I prefer,

‘The more a monkey climbs, the more you can see its arse’


As a Wing Chun teacher some people may think…

I might not be the best teacher

I might not be the longest training

I might not be the toughest fighter

I might not be able to speak Chinese

But I am one of the easiest to learn from as I will give you clear precise tuition and a sensible understanding that will make your Wing Chun not only work but work for you.


Wing Chun is designed to mold to the individual and with correct guidance and study, this can and should be allowed to happen.


Strangely enough this is easier to do through online tuition, as the instructor is not standing over you constantly changing what you do to be exactly the same as them, but instead allows you to find your own Wing Chun, your own comfort zone and let your character come through.



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