Armpit Hydraulics (Part 1)


It’s all about hydraulics

(Photo by Gerold Hinzen)


After playing Chi Sau with one of my Senior students, a comment was made regarding our previous session.

At that time he had played excellently, using a perfect balance of energy, timing, footwork and so on, and as we increased the power he had added a little muscle to the game, now this too was in balance and therefore caused no issue, however, the comment he made to me was that he felt tense and a little burned out later in that evening.


It was this tension which caused me concern and encouraged me to find a solution for this problem, a solution I found through the principles of Siu Lim Tau.


Initially this clip was 17 minutes long and therefore as has been reduced greatly, and, split into two parts for easier viewing.


The goal here was to try to find way of rolling in Chi Sau, with power, but avoiding the build up of tension, this was achieved through thinking of hydraulics.


Thank you for watching

Please look out for the completed answer to this problem in Part 2



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