Overview of the Advanced Level

The Advanced Level will of course look at the highest end of the system with attention to varying ways of playing Chi Sau, street psychology and a higher level of self-defence.

We will see full tuition, explanation and applications of every move in not only both of our weapons forms, Bart Jam Dao (8 Cutting Broadswords) and the Luk Deem Boon Kwun (Six and a Half Point Pole) but also full tuition of the final of our hand forms, Biu Gee (Thrusting Fingers).

Advanced Level Stage 1

This stage will focus solely on the completion of Bart Jam Dao, giving a full understanding of this most senior (and often confused) weapons form.

Not only looking at each move in detail, we will see applications for every technique in Chi Sau, street self-defence and even uses for defending against the long pole.

  • Module 13 [namaste-enroll course_id=317]
  • Module 14 [namaste-enroll course_id=318]
  • Module 15 [namaste-enroll course_id=319]

Advanced Level Stage 2

In this final stage we see further detail of the Bart Jam Dao and the highest end of the Wing Chun system, the full teaching of the 3rd hand form, Biu Gee (Thrusting Fingers).

During this stage we will also teach you the Pole Form, Luk Deem Boon Kwun (Six and a Half Point Pole).

  • Module 16 [namaste-enroll course_id=320]
  • Module 17 [namaste-enroll course_id=321]
  • Module 18 [namaste-enroll course_id=322]




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