A Street View Of Basic Drills (Part 3 of 3)





I was teaching the last class just before we closed for Christmas, and were looking at drills, in particular drills being taken from the safety of the school and given a touch more reality.


To better understand my train of thought here, I have a principle:

‘We do not get into a position to do a technique,

We do a technique from the position we are in’


The three basic drills we used were:

Dan Chi Sau

Lap Sau Exercise

Pak Sau’s


I had the students wear gloves so they could actually go for their target.


Oh and the chocolates they keep eating were a Christmas treat.


These clips are raw and have not been edited in any way.


Here is video 3 of 3

Using a High Garn to represent the principle of Pak from Pak Sau Drills




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