A New Opportunity



I’ve always enjoyed writing, and in the past 30 years have written many articles for martial arts magazines as well as having articles written in martial arts magazines about me, but this has not been for quite some time, last week however I was given the chance once again.


I was very happy to receive an email from the Editor-In Chiref of Wing Chun Illustrated, Eric Lilleor and to be asked to become a regular contributor to the magazine, I graciously accepted and look forward to sending over my first offering, which incidentally, will be in the August edition.


I am sure that Grandmaster Ip Chun will be pleased to know that I have yet another outlet in which to promote his teachings of Wing Chun.


So if any of you have any topics you’d like me to delve into or simply discuss further, then please let me know through the usual means.


Happy writing and hopefully, happy reading everyone!

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