A Magical Experience


Magical Experience

(The title given by the student in question BTW, not me)

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I wanted to share (if I may), a message from one of our wingchun.online students who posted this on our forum back in 2018.


My intention here is not to brag or boast, or to profess that we offer miracle cures, we do not, but more to ask if anyone else has had experiences or heard of stories such as this one, and that they perhaps may wish to share, purely as this one, at the time, pulled a little at my heart strings and, as a teacher, helps to remind me why I continue to do this wonderfully rewarding job, even after thirty plus years.


I have not added to this post in any way and have simply copied it across as it was written…


Thank you for reading



Here is the post in question:


Rayhan R
JULY 6, 2018 AT 6:12 PM


Well, this is something that I wanted to share.


A few years ago, I had a minor accident due to which I got some nerve damage in my left arm.

Since then, I had hard time holding heavy object in my left arm.

Not just that, whenever I’d hold ANY object for little too long in my left hand, my arm would start to tremble badly.


No amount of medical help could help me all these years.

I had given up hope for it’s recovery.


When I used to do boxing earlier, I’d have hard time jabbing and hooking with my left fist.

At a certain point, it got so severe that I had to quit my training.


Now here’s something magical that happened. I joined this place a month ago.


I got introduced to Siu Lim Tao by Sifu Ward over here. And, off course, I started to pay attention to it.


I started to work on it for at least 3 to 4 times a day.


Shockingly, after a month, I have no god damn idea how my left arm got COMPLETELY recovered.


I did x-ray, and the physician is shocked at the recovery. Off course, I do not understand what magic did SLT do to my arm, but what I did realize is that this art has the potential and the power to completely change lives of people.


I feel happier than ever before.


One more thing I’d like to add, my SPECIAL focus was on the first section of Siu Lim Tao.


Big thanks to Colin Sifu. Without him, I might had to suffer from my injury for the rest of my life.


I owe endless respect and gratitude to you, Sifu.

Thanks for reading,





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