A Different View To Your Training


Pak being a perfect example


It is the easiest thing when training your Wing Chun, to just do what you are supposed to do and never question it, especially if you are a student in class, but at the same time it is vital that you do.


Now of course I mean in no way for you to disrespect your Sifu by questioning their authority or knowledge, not at all, all I mean is that we must try to see our training from different perspectives, otherwise we simply become robots, spewing out the same stuff in ten years time as you were training after ten weeks of starting!

With that attitude your studies would never evolve.


My Sifu (GM Ip Chun) once said to me:

“If we do not try to evolve, in life and in our Wing Chun,

we will fall behind, imagine never inventing the wheel!”


So be your own critic.


Try to imagine if someone from another school, or even a different style, was watching you, what do you think they might say to the things you are doing?


How would you answer them?

Would you agree with them or shoot them down?

Would you try to see their point of view


Would you just stand strong in your beliefs?


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Here is a video explaining what I mean by changing your perspective toward training, breaking the mould and taking a fresh look at how you might change your usual approach to day-to-day drills.


‘Basics are SO important, but at some point you need to relax them,

even let them go, otherwise they will slow you down’.







‘The Teacup Story’


The Teacup Story (Revisited)

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