A Change To Pak And Lap Drills


Extra thinking is needed here


I think it is the easiest thing for a student to go through the motions when it comes to drills etc, without taking onboard the important aspects found within them, or, finding different ways of either spicing the thing up, or better still, using them to train areas you may not have previously thought of.


Dan Chi Sau for instance is a fantastic way of developing the power, timing and angle required, in order to execute the perfect turning punch, but I’ll save that for another day.


In this blog I wanted to approach the dangers of mentally, ‘Switching off’ after we use the Bong in Lap Sau exercise, and also how we can use Pak Sau drills to easily get to grips with how we can take centreline in Chi Sau.


The clip below is from my class in Leeds where I added to the thinking behind this training idea, again, in both the Lap Sau exercise and  Pak Sau drills.


I do hope this helps answer any problems you may have been having in these areas.


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Thank you for watching.


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