A Boxing Day Siu Lim Tau


Siu Lim Tau


For some reason or another, probably due to the guilty feeling of eating so much the day before… I always look forward to playing Siu Lim Tau on Boxing day.


So, just in case you feel like joining me, here is a video, playing my 1st Form in Hong Kong nearly 30 years ago, perhaps it may inspire you to train too?


I have also included a clip from a class where I discussed a Chi Sau application for the use of the Garns in the 3rd section, which I hope you find interesting and helpful.


Enjoy the rest of your holiday season, be kind to one and other, and may I wish you health and happiness at this time.


Merry Christmas from WingChun.Online!



Siu Lim Tau 





Garn Application



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