A Better Way To Train Pak Sau (Part 2 of 3)



How do YOU train Pak Sau?


As Wing Chun practitioners, we all know how to Pak, but are you getting the most out of your Pak Sau drills?


Most people simply go through the motions, meaning your Pak Sau is the same every time.

Now in some cases this could (and should), be thought of as a good thing, after all, isn’t that the purpose of drills?


‘Do not practice until you get it right,

Practice until you cannot get it wrong’


But, you can, and must, change the thinking behind the drill, at least from time to time.


During the three clips shown in these blogs, I try to focus on the aim behind the drill, therefore getting more from this exercise every time you train it.


In this, the second of our videos, we look at consistency of technique and attitude (intent), and how we start to bridge the gap between street work and class drills.


Please forgive the state of the room but at the moment we are undergoing redecorations.


Thank you for watching.


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