50 / 50 Continued..


After the lengthy rant of my last blog (Don’t Be Lazy  50/50), here follows a normal length one, still on the same topic though.


I would like to start by saying that I hope I did not come across as a bit of a moaner in that last blog?


After reading it my wife said that I sounded like a ‘Grumpy old man‘ who sounded as though he wanted to live in ‘The old days‘, oh, and that my complaining that the bin men no longer coming to the house to collect my bin, made it sound as though it was ME that was being lazy, not them.


Actually I am not saying that people are lazy as such, it’s just that if you want the rewards then you have to work for them.

Although I am quite disappointed by the lack of service these days, it was the lack of willingness to make such effort I had the issue with.

It basically follows as such, if you pay your fees at a gym, and do not gain any muscles, do not try to sue the gym for YOUR lack of effort.


People say that certain individuals are gifted and to them these skills just came naturally, Alex Higgins, Jimi Hendrix, Muhammad Ali for instance, and while some of this may have some truth, they would be nothing without their dedication to drilling basics.

Or to put it another way, MAKING THE EFFORT.


Professional snooker players will practice the same shot for at least eight hours per day, Jimi Hendrix practiced guitar scales for ten hours every day and Muhammad Ali started every training session he ever did, with a thousand jabs, and this was still at the height of their success!


When it comes to training:

If you’re not as good as you should be, stop blaming and get training.




Grumpy old man indeed…

Now where did I leave my slippers and hot milk?


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