Seasons Greetings 2019


Dear Wing Chun Students, Instructors and Blog readers,


As the festive season is upon us, may I take this opportunity to thank you all for training with us through 2019, for all your kind words & support, and for your personal contributions to the growth of our family.


Over the next week or so blogs may be less frequent although I will still be checking in to take sure all is well, as we do not want to let your training slip.


I saw this quote in one of my previous blogs and thought I would share it again:


“Christmas is a time of giving, so for your New Years resolution give your Wing Chun training 100%,

and let’s see how far you can really go.”


It is always nice to take a moment to think about those less fortunate than us and to help others whenever possible, as I believe is the Wing Chun way, so if you are lucky enough to be having a break from work this Christmas, do remember to NOT have too big of a break from your training as well.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



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