The Evolution Of Wing Chun



It is important that you trust your teacher but it is also important that you check them out too, and further more, are able to understand what is actually being taught.


Too many times I have heard of Instructors who keep their students down, just in case they get better than them, SURELY THAT’S THE POINT!


As a teacher, surely that’s what you should WANT from your students, it shows that you are doing you job, putting THEIR interests at heart, first and foremost.


A good teacher (who at the same time is still trying to improve oneself) is like a fish trying to swim up stream.

It’s hard work yes, but worth the struggle.

If you are happy to just tread water then fine, granted you will not improve but you will not decline either.

But the moment you stop your personal training, and begin walking around as though you are something special, you will begin to be dragged downstream.


Here’s a comment that will shock you, what if I said:

“I am better that Ip Man”



Ok, before you start thinking bad thoughts and want to share comments, let me ask you to look at that statement in a different way…

Some says to you that you are very good at Wing Chun,

You reply:

Thank you, but if you think I’m good you should’ve seen my teacher, HE, was amazing

Cool, and was his teacher any good?


Any good? Are you joking he was a legend.

And who taught him then?


Only the Great Grandmaster Ip Man, now HE was THE best, there’s no one better than him.


That conversation would basically be saying that with each new generation we are getting worse!

In some cases this may be true, from those teachers who do not know or will not pass on.


Ip Man said:

“Anyone can add on to a system, the trick is to try to take away from it while still keeping it pure”

This means that we do not need to create new moves, but better understand the ones we use already.


Master Ip Chun also once said to me:

“We should all try to refine and evolve Wing Chun, if not it would be like we never invented the wheel”


Some people will leave WingChun.Online because they have found a teacher, but in some cases that teacher should be studying at WingChun.Online themselves!


So find a school,

Find a teacher,

And do check that teachers credentials out,

And yes, you can serve two masters, because no good teacher should ever prevent you in your search for knowledge and experience.


Happy training everyone.

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