A Common Problem With Turning Stance



This was a very good question posted on our forum which I’d like to share.

Although not a very long blog, I do feel this is important point.



For some reason when practicing Cheun Mar my feet tend to float further apart after a shift or two.

Sometimes I will also find myself sliding backwards as well.

Anyone else have this issue?

Ideas as to what I may be doing wrong?

Thank you in advance“.



Basically the idea is that you turn on your heels, shifting the weight slightly from one side to the other (70/30 weight distribution) however, due to certain floor surfaces, the angle of the floor, different footwear and so on, what we tend to find (as a beginner) is that after a dozen or so turns, either one or both of your feet have moved, usually creating a wider stance or it may be that just the one for has gone off line.


Either way do not be worried, to start with this is completely normal.


To correct this, on your next turn PULL your front foot in, just enough to allow you to get back to the original shoulder width distance apart (You will be pulling the front foot in as that will be the lightest).


As you progress you may realise the change of stance beginning after ten turn,s so therefore less of a correction is needed to get back to normal.


Further progression will see this awareness kick in after five or six turns, until what will happen is that with every turn there is an engaged pulling back sensation/mentality occurring which will not be bringing you back to correct, but will prevent you from leaving the original distance.


I hope that helps you?



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